Keanu Reeves In Star Trek? Whoa! He's Not, But What If Keanu Reeves Was In Star Trek?

Posted by Vince Sabatini on

Could Keanu Reeves be in the Star Trek Universe?


I have no idea if Mr. Reeves is ever going to be in any Star Trek property...but that doesn't mean he WON'T be in the Star Trek Universe one day. Maybe. Probably not, but, again, I don't know.

BUT....if he was I'd like him to be...John Luc Wickard.

He'd look something like this.

In his first time out as Captain of the Starship Enterprise, someone steals his ship and kills his brand new pet tribble. Ain't that some shiiiiiiiiii?

But after he wipes the galaxy clean of any and all people associated with said tribble's death, he needs to retrieve his ship then repay a debt to a Klingon that helped him back in the day. Wouldn't you know that the Klingon doesn't honor his side of the deal?

 So then after Wickard rewipes the galaxy clean of any and all people associated with this dude, he can finally pump the breaks on the Starship Enterprise...NOPE! 

Get this. The entire universe now wants Wickard dead and they hunt him and his fleet and his new tribble and, wouldn't you know, Halle Berry is there with her tribbles helping John Luc, because why not?


They wipe the universe clean of any and all people that crossed Wickard...HOLD UP! The Federation is now against Wickard and they set their phasers to blasting Wickard off a building.

Is Wickard okay? What will Wickard do next? A CBS All Access Series 20 some years later? Why is my nose bleeding?

I don't know, but I'd watch "John Luc Wickard Chapter IV: The Voyage Home To Feed My Dog...Oh Wait." 

Then there's this...




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