The Coffee Cinematic Universe Is Keeping Me Awake

Posted by Vince Sabatini on

Long before my sleepless nights were due to the stress of a Mad Max world where toilet paper is currency...there was coffee.

Coffee, cup of joe, bean only friend. My only vice since all of my previous vices waved bye bye a long time ago. Even "Miami Vice" left me. Not coffee. Nope, Coffee is still here and, quite frankly, it is kicking ass.

Coffee is bonafide movie star! Kinda. Maybe. Just go with it. (That was a title of a movie, so, sure, why not?) Coffee is like two co-starring roles away from having its own direct to Netflix rom-com.

"The Coffee Shop" - Starring Who Is That and What's Her Face.

Just remember me when you're rich and famous, Coffee...please, Coffee, don't leave me!

I was there when you were just starting out with roles in such films as:

"Coffee & Cigarettes"

"So I Married An Axe Murderer"

"Role Models"

And who could forget...

"License to Drive"

Oh, Coffee...we'll always have Twin Peaks, but that's another story.

Editor's Note: I honestly just drank too much coffee, went down a YouTube rabbit hole of coffee scenes and then wrote a post about it, but you knew that.

Yeah, you did!

Now, who needs a coffee?


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